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Photos by Kirk – directed by Jamie Day Fleck


I have been a bit MIA on my blog. There is a reason. The reason is that I have been working on a short documentary for my Masters in Documentary Media at Ryerson University. After about two years of work though, completion is on the horizon.


The short documentary, Photos by Kirk, is about an Armenian immigrant that was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and who worked as a photographer in the Bronx, NY for over 50 years. He documented generations of people through his photographs of weddings, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, local events, family portraits and other varied occurrences that were of importance to the people in his Bronx neighbourhood.


The film constructs the world of this photographer, telling his life story through interviews of his family, past clients and historians who provide context for the time period and people in his life. I used an excerpt of photographs from the archive of photographs he left behind after his death in 1979 to show how the local photographer while often overlooked in the history of photography was quite important to the social history of America.


His daughter, Mimi Vang Olsen, who is a painter and longtime family friend, was an invaluable resource and source of encouragement to completing this film. Through the memories of her childhood and her father, I was able to construct a multi-dimensional look at both history and his life story.


The film is going to have a “sneak preview” showing at the Doc Now Festival in Toronto, Canada which is a student-organized festival for the graduates of the Documentary Media MFA program. It will be shown on June 5th and June 28th . For more information please go to: docnow.cadocnow.ca/artists/jamie-fleck



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Your Time Boutique Shoot

YTB_small-5236 I had the opportunity to shoot some still life/product photography for Your Time Boutique. I don’t often shoot product. I usually prefer the collaborative aspect of portraiture compared to the often isolated (and lonely) modus operandi of shooting products.YTB_small-5250 IMG_4732

However, on this shoot I got to work with Your Time Boutique owner, Carol Kubbasak. Carol is a ball to work with, fun and easy-going. We had a great time shooting her handmade beeswax candles. And boy, does she ever know her stuff about beeswax candle making! Being a complete greenhorn, I had no idea.   IMG_4727

The photos are now up on her website which is a beautiful e-commerce site that simply and elegantly exhibits her wares. Take apeek and if you have a penchant for lovely-smelling and well-made beeswax candles, pick up a few! I particularly love her artisanal rock and wine-barrel-stave candle holders. For more info on the photographer go to: Jamie Day Fleck PhotographyYTB_small-5321 YTB_small-5327 YTB_small-5408

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Trout Rainwear shoot

Trout-3954_retouchedflattenA little while back I had the opportunity to work with a recently launched Canadian fashion house, Trout Rainwear. I photographed the founders, sisters Ashley McDonald and Jenn Lancefield (née Mulvihill), and the head designer Sarah Hopgood, creating a few relaxed portraits.

Trout Rainwear wants to make people feel fashionable even when they are stuck in the pouring rain. Priding themselves on Canadian designs and manufacturing, the company looks to forward both fashion and functionality in their trendy rainwear that you could easily wear on a downtown street or out and about in cottage country.

“Rainwear should not only protect from the rain, but ought to be comfortable in any type of weather. These 100% waterproof jackets are breathable as well — rain or shine, Trout Rainwear takes on any day with conviction and charm.”




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Toronto International Film Fest 2012


The Toronto International Film Festival 2013 is only two months away so I wanted to share some of my images from last year’s festival. I had the opportunity again this year to work with Industry Programming which is where all the filmmaking hopefuls go to get their new creations either funded or distributed or at least find out how to do it. They are a business- card-flinging crowd with fast-flapping lips and an ear for the next great industry party. I love listening to the movie greats such as producer Jeremy Thomas or director/actor Edward Burns on their long-standing relationships with the moviemaking process. I even did a little star-gazing with Kristen Wiig (actress), Gael García Bernal (actor), Derek Cianfrance (director) and others.

I leave the festival every year with a greater appreciation for the films that do get not only produced but seen by an audience. If they go on to win accolades that is all the more impressive. I also leave with a heartfelt admiration for the behind-the-scenes festival staff and volunteers that through their own love of film make this event possible every year. They work many long hours from panel discussion setup to industry party breakdown to make this the buzz of the town that it is every September in Toronto.



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Sometimes the Second Time is Sweeter


I was delighted to be chosen to shoot Jennifer and Robin’s wedding. It was a second wedding which thankfully lacked all the formalities of first weddings but lacked none of the joy, love or merrymaking. Robin had his proud son as his best man adding a certain poignancy to the ceremony. The ceremony took place at Christ Church Deer Park with its stunning wooded interior and high vaulted ceilings. Then the reception was at the Granite Club where the décor was brought in to give a comfortable lounge feel. Friends and family toasted the newlyweds with rounds of laughter and broad smiles.


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Love is in the Air

I am pleased to be able to offer engagement photographs and now wedding photo shoots to my clients. I find this area an exciting growing area of photography. I like it because I approach the shoot in very much the same way that I would do a magazine or other type of portraiture shoot.

I look at wedding photography as a mixture of event, fashion and portraiture so it helps when you are a photographer who is versed in all three areas.

I thoroughly enjoy watching a couple and figuring out how to best visualize their relationship. How are they different individually? What are their strengths as a couple? And then I am always pleased with the result because they look so in love and I feel that I am capturing them at a very important moment in their lives.

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Men’s Fashion in Desirable Mag

Men’s fashion has long been a sort of side passion of mine from portraiture. I find men’s fashion to allow for more character driven storyboards, models with unique and unconventional features as well as a flexibility with location due to not needing a team of stylists, make up artists, hair people and assistants to get a shoot done. Case in point was the shoot I did using the incredibly hip and stylish clothes from JacFlash (1036 Queen West).

After some time spent casting, I decided on a model with a unique style and interesting features. He delivered as far as internalizing my directions to create a shoot that was visually dynamic.

The shoot was picked up by Desirable magazine who was doing a feature on male models and was published in it’s June Issue.

I am not known for my studio photography but I felt the clothes and model were captivating enough without needing to add a strong background. And the minamilist gray (which I love) gave a good contrast in its simplicity, enhancing the contrast created by understated lighting against the styling and model’s look..

To purchase the magazine go to:  www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/402287

Stylist: Deborah Burton

Model: Sloan (Spot 6 Management)

Studio: PTSM Studios  www.ptsmstudios.com

Clothes: Various brands – provided by JacFlash  jacflash.net

For more info visit: www.jamiedayfleck.com

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Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF) 2011

The Toronto Film Festival 2012 is right around the corner so I took the time to revisit some photographs I took last year at TIFF 2011!

For the second year in a row I got to photograph the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September 2011. This year I focused the majority of my time on the Industry Programming. This was very exciting because it is the whole foundation and purpose of the festival itself. It is where emerging, up-and-coming and just plain hopefuls get to learn from the best of the industry and even try to hob-nob with them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each day was jammed with orderly and wonderfully informative panel discussions with some of the most respected producers, screenwriters and directors of the Canadian and International film scene such as: Bruce MacDonald [director] Deepa Mehta[director], Michael Dowse[director], Michael J. Werner[producer] to name a few . After the panel discussions were over, the room turned into a scene not dissimilar to the stock market floor where young directors and producers tried to lobby for their cause (a.k.a their film) in the hopes it might get produced or distributed, mouths rapid firing and business cards flying.

I learned more about the filmmaking process and scene in these few days then ever before. I felt like I was next to the throbbing heart of some immense organism. Clusters of people sat around tables, chairs, sofas, benches with laptops open and mouths jabbering while their minds problem-solved at dizzying speeds.

Not only did I get to surround myself with the creative juices of the striving artist but a few celebrities stopped by who had films that were screening at the festival for an intimate discussion with a very attentive audience. Emily Blunt, Chase Crawford and Gael Garcia Bernal were but a few of the celebs that came by for a chat.

Then the day was ended properly with a totally packed Happy Hour where slightly exhausted cinephiles drank up, talked it up and prepped up for a night on the town at the best industry parties. TIFF is always a whirlwind and this time a felt like I was in the eye of the tornado!

For more info on Industry Programming at TIFF go to: http://tiff.net/industry/programmes

For more images see:  www.jamiedayfleck.com


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New Website Launch!

I am happy to announce the launch of a new website for Jamie Day Fleck Photography! This newly laid out interface allows for more galleries and more menu buttons to showcase the breadth of the company. It full displays all Jamie Day Fleck Photography has to offer as well as presenting information about me and my photographic background.

The menu buttons have a link to blog, downloadable PDFs and even a client proofing section. I can also post all of the latest news and upcoming events. I love the ease of navigation because the menu is visible at all times.

My favorite feature is definitely the Fine Art featured gallery section. Finally I have a place where I can show all of my Fine Art projects simply but thoroughly even adding a little artist statement at the beginning.

For a full experience, try it in fullscreen mode. The photos really pop!   www.jamiedayfleck.com

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Men’s Fashion Shoot “Farmland” in Desirable Mag

Last year, I ventured out to the farmland of Ontario to shoot a men’s fashion shoot on two horse farms near Orangeville. The country is breathtaking and of course a welcome contrast to a city folk like me. The concept of the shoot was a collaboration between myself and stylist, Alexandra Loeb, who pulled together an incredible wardrobe primarily from Harry Rosen. With two male models, two female horseback riders, a stylist, make up artist and an assistant we went out to create photographic magic.

The storyline was two brothers who tend a horse farm with their girlfriends who are accomplished, riders (of course). With a classic wardrobe and rustic setting it was a recipe for success. I love the way the location enhances the colours in the clothes and brings the story to life adding a touch of romance.

The story was then picked up by Desirable Mag (www.desirablemag.com) ,an online and print magazine based out of New York. I have included the layout in the magazine below. To purchase the latest issue with the fashion spread included: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/261531  The photos are also on my website: www.jamiedayfleckphotography.com

I want to thank everyone involved again for all of their help:

Alexandra Loeb: stylist www.alexandraloeb.com

Jessica Jean Meyers:make up artist www.jessicajeanmyers.com

Models: David and Ryley from Elite Models Toronto

Female horse riders: Leah and Danielle

The owners of Willowgate Farm and Aislinn Dressage

My assistant: Emer Schlosser

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