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Your Time Boutique Shoot

YTB_small-5236 I had the opportunity to shoot some still life/product photography for Your Time Boutique. I don’t often shoot product. I usually prefer the collaborative aspect of portraiture compared to the often isolated (and lonely) modus operandi of shooting products.YTB_small-5250 IMG_4732

However, on this shoot I got to work with Your Time Boutique owner, Carol Kubbasak. Carol is a ball to work with, fun and easy-going. We had a great time shooting her handmade beeswax candles. And boy, does she ever know her stuff about beeswax candle making! Being a complete greenhorn, I had no idea.   IMG_4727

The photos are now up on her website which is a beautiful e-commerce site that simply and elegantly exhibits her wares. Take apeek and if you have a penchant for lovely-smelling and well-made beeswax candles, pick up a few! I particularly love her artisanal rock and wine-barrel-stave candle holders. For more info on the photographer go to: Jamie Day Fleck PhotographyYTB_small-5321 YTB_small-5327 YTB_small-5408

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