Laura and Alexey’s Wedding – Toronto, Canada


The year has been flying by and there have been many picture making sessions I have not released widely.

Here is the wedding of Laura and Alexey. It happened in September in Toronto at the idyllic Fantasy Farm on Pottery Road. Laura and Alexey managed to preserve their own cultural heritage and traditions in doing a Chinese and Jewish wedding. Beginning with the tradition of the father turning over his daughter with a red umbrella to the Chinese tea ceremony and then on to the Ketubah signing (Jewish marriage contract) and wedding service officiated by a cantor.

After all the formalities of the day, the party started. Laura has a background in ballroom dancing and this came out when they had a fully choreographed number with their entire bridal party followed by their show-stopping first dance. The whole room was invited to the dance floor for the hora prior to dinner even starting!

Following dinner, they celebrated the bride and groom with speeches and telltale trivia games and then danced the night away.

Love is in the Air

I am pleased to be able to offer engagement photographs and now wedding photo shoots to my clients. I find this area an exciting growing area of photography. I like it because I approach the shoot in very much the same way that I would do a magazine or other type of portraiture shoot.

I look at wedding photography as a mixture of event, fashion and portraiture so it helps when you are a photographer who is versed in all three areas.

I thoroughly enjoy watching a couple and figuring out how to best visualize their relationship. How are they different individually? What are their strengths as a couple? And then I am always pleased with the result because they look so in love and I feel that I am capturing them at a very important moment in their lives.

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Men’s Fashion in Desirable Mag

Men’s fashion has long been a sort of side passion of mine from portraiture. I find men’s fashion to allow for more character driven storyboards, models with unique and unconventional features as well as a flexibility with location due to not needing a team of stylists, make up artists, hair people and assistants to get a shoot done. Case in point was the shoot I did using the incredibly hip and stylish clothes from JacFlash (1036 Queen West).

After some time spent casting, I decided on a model with a unique style and interesting features. He delivered as far as internalizing my directions to create a shoot that was visually dynamic.

The shoot was picked up by Desirable magazine who was doing a feature on male models and was published in it’s June Issue.

I am not known for my studio photography but I felt the clothes and model were captivating enough without needing to add a strong background. And the minamilist gray (which I love) gave a good contrast in its simplicity, enhancing the contrast created by understated lighting against the styling and model’s look..

To purchase the magazine go to:

Stylist: Deborah Burton

Model: Sloan (Spot 6 Management)

Studio: PTSM Studios

Clothes: Various brands – provided by JacFlash

For more info visit:

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University of Toronto Schools’ Root Magazine

University of Toronto Schools(UTS) approached me to do a portrait and cover shoot of my grandfather (and UTS graduate, Class of ’49), Jim Fleck. Root is UTS’ alumni magazine and being that UTS is known for their students’ academic excellence and drive, their alumni includes an illustrious lot.

I was overjoyed with an assignment like that. I have unending respect for my grandfather’s achievements and multi-faceted career so this was a dream job for me. The first challenge was choosing the location. We decided on the Rotman School Business where he had long been a professor and decided to shoot in the Fleck Atrium which is a grand main space for a buzzing student body.

We decided to keep the shoot upbeat, bright and showing off his joie de vivre which is palpable to anyone that knows or even meets him. It was a great shoot and here is the end product for you to be the judge on.

For the full magazine:

For more info, go to:

Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF) 2011

The Toronto Film Festival 2012 is right around the corner so I took the time to revisit some photographs I took last year at TIFF 2011!

For the second year in a row I got to photograph the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September 2011. This year I focused the majority of my time on the Industry Programming. This was very exciting because it is the whole foundation and purpose of the festival itself. It is where emerging, up-and-coming and just plain hopefuls get to learn from the best of the industry and even try to hob-nob with them.

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Each day was jammed with orderly and wonderfully informative panel discussions with some of the most respected producers, screenwriters and directors of the Canadian and International film scene such as: Bruce MacDonald [director] Deepa Mehta[director], Michael Dowse[director], Michael J. Werner[producer] to name a few . After the panel discussions were over, the room turned into a scene not dissimilar to the stock market floor where young directors and producers tried to lobby for their cause (a.k.a their film) in the hopes it might get produced or distributed, mouths rapid firing and business cards flying.

I learned more about the filmmaking process and scene in these few days then ever before. I felt like I was next to the throbbing heart of some immense organism. Clusters of people sat around tables, chairs, sofas, benches with laptops open and mouths jabbering while their minds problem-solved at dizzying speeds.

Not only did I get to surround myself with the creative juices of the striving artist but a few celebrities stopped by who had films that were screening at the festival for an intimate discussion with a very attentive audience. Emily Blunt, Chase Crawford and Gael Garcia Bernal were but a few of the celebs that came by for a chat.

Then the day was ended properly with a totally packed Happy Hour where slightly exhausted cinephiles drank up, talked it up and prepped up for a night on the town at the best industry parties. TIFF is always a whirlwind and this time a felt like I was in the eye of the tornado!

For more info on Industry Programming at TIFF go to:

For more images see:


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New Website Launch!

I am happy to announce the launch of a new website for Jamie Day Fleck Photography! This newly laid out interface allows for more galleries and more menu buttons to showcase the breadth of the company. It full displays all Jamie Day Fleck Photography has to offer as well as presenting information about me and my photographic background.

The menu buttons have a link to blog, downloadable PDFs and even a client proofing section. I can also post all of the latest news and upcoming events. I love the ease of navigation because the menu is visible at all times.

My favorite feature is definitely the Fine Art featured gallery section. Finally I have a place where I can show all of my Fine Art projects simply but thoroughly even adding a little artist statement at the beginning.

For a full experience, try it in fullscreen mode. The photos really pop!

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Night Portraits Exhibition – February 2012

On February 9th, I had the opening of I See the Night at the Elaine Fleck Gallery. This was a particularly momentous opening for me because it was the showcase of my latest photographs from my ongoing series, Night Portraits. I began this project while an undergraduate student at Parsons School of Design in New York City. It started in the Fall of 2001, just a couple of months after 9/11, both a terrible tragedy for the city as well as a triumph as New Yorkers banded together to overcome adversity like only they can.

Looking back I don’t know if it was the trying nature of recent events or the loneliness of big city living but the project definitely taped into my raw connection with the city both the beauty and isolation. Ten years later I tackled other cities and while I don’t feel that the images have the same raw intensity of those early days of the project, I feel they have matured conceptually and compositionally. The placements are exact and methodical but the project still resonates with its early themes and visual content.

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Photos of the opening by Emma McIntyre

I was blown away at the opening due to the sheer number and scope of people that attended. I felt like I was on a game show like This is Your Life where every important person from your past and present is there. I apologize now if I did not get to talk to you at the opening, it was not on purpose. The room was filled with a tremendous energy, both complimentary and supportive.

All the images in this show were from Toronto, making it even more personal by presenting the images to a Torontonian audience. I am looking forward to continuing this project in the future by taking it to other cities, showing both the similarities and differences in urban experiences.

In honour of the exhibition, I produced a digital book which you can view and purchase here, as a digital or print version:

To see all the images from the project go my website and look under the Fine Art Section:

To follow Jamie Day Fleck Photography on Facebook go to:

Women of Influence – March 8, 2012

I can think of no better way to spend International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2012 than with Women of Influence.

A little about the organization Women of Influence:

“Women of Influence Inc. produces inspiring, progressive, and celebratory events across the country. Our programs serve to fill the gap for women looking for mentors, looking to connect with likeminded individuals on their path to success, or looking for unique corporate entertainment.”

The first event was a luncheon with approximately 900 women (and quite a few men) in attendance from a virtual cross-section of Canadian business, corporate and entrepreneurial fields in Toronto.

The host was Erin Davis, CHFI radio host, who lightheartedly moved the event along with funny anecdotes and valuable information. An important speaker was the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women, who spoke about the next generation of women leaders.

The keynote speaker was the accomplished interior design mogul and HGTV television personality, Sarah Richardson, who related her personal stories and experiential advice from her climb to the top. You can hear an excerpt of that talk at:

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The evening event was for Young Women of Influence held at OneKing West. The event topic was very apropos, money, and featured two authors who shared their knowledge of investment and money management. Alison Griffiths wrote the book Count on Yourself: Take Charge of Your Money and Angela Self co-wrote Smart Cookies: Making More Dough. The host was Melissa Leong, Arts & Life reporter at the National Post. It was an exciting evening filled with networking, an informative interview session and an insightful question and answer period.

Two great events made for one fun and educational day this International Women’s Day not to mention the great photos!

To see more photos and like Jamie Day Fleck Photography go to:

Venice Biennale 2011

Venice Biennale 2011

I know this is a very overdue post but I still wanted to share all these photographs and the experience with you.

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Venice, Italy this past June. And if that wasn’t incredible enough I got to shoot the opening of the Canadian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The Venice Biennale is the largest and oldest art fair in the world. With 89 countries in attendance this past year, it was the biggest Biennale to date. The Canadian artist that was commissioned to represent the country on the world art stage was Steven Shearer.

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During the Biennale, Venice is teeming with reporters, art buyers, photographers, patrons of the arts, curators, museum directors: basically a who’s who of the international art scene. It is very exciting, very tiring and very hot. If you have ever been to Venice, you know that most of your day is spent walking or jetting around on boats to get to where you need to go. It is exhilarating and exhausting.

Inside the Canadian Pavilion, painting by Steven Shearer

Donor Party

I photographed the donor events. The Canadian donors fundraised the money needed to stage this year’s exhibition which was commissioned and mounted by the National Gallery of Canada. I also photographed the opening of the Pavilion and various other events around town. The major exhibition was the group show entitled IllumiNATIONS , curated by Bice Curiger, showcasing 83 international artists. It took up most of the Arsenale, an immense space filled with a lot of installation and video art.

Alleyway at the Arsenale

In the IllumiNATIONS show

The city itself was filled to the brim with modern art. Many of the institutions opened their doors to modern artists from around the world turning museums and old palazzos into staging grounds for major modern art shows. The opening of the Prada Foundation, which exhibited many of Prada’s extensive fine art collection and is situated right off the Grand Canal, coincided with the Biennale.

Prada Foundation, Tulips by Jeff Koons

One of the most amazing shows that I saw while I was there was Future Pass which showcased Asian artists and Asian-inspired artists.

Future Pass show of Asian inspired art

All the while indulging on wine, prosciutto with melon and cappuccinos, it was a trip to remember, to savor and reminisce on long after I returned.

Lovers cruising up the Grand Canal by moonlight

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Ottawa Folk Festival 2011

Colin Hay (formerly of Men at Work)

I was delighted to be able to shoot for the second year in a row the Ottawa Folk Festival. This year it took place at a new venue, Hog’s Back Park. There was an awe-inspiring line up of international and local artists that were invited to attend. The headliners were: Bright Eyes, Steve Earle and Levon Helm (of The Band). I was amazed at the Canadian talent I got to see including: Serena Ryder, Basia Bulat, The Wooden Sky, Anders Drerup & Kelly Prescott, Catherine MacLellan, Chris Brown & Kate Fenner, Lazybones. However, I enjoyed equally the international talent including: Colin Hay, Punch Brothers, Justin Townes Earle, The Little Stevies and many others. What draws me back to the Ottawa Folk Festival is the diversity in musical talent and the very broad definition of “folk” that the festival cultivates. This means throughout the festival I listened to blues, country, folk, rock, bluegrass, all under the banner of the Ottawa Folk Festival.

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The folk festival has great shows with great bands but it also presents workshops and musical appreciation activites. Patrons can either participate or appreciate the process of making music by learning how to play or dance with bands featured in the festival or the patrons can watch two bands discuss and perform on a theme such as songwriting. There were interviews with several of the performers where they detail their process and musical influences.

Raffle Tickets Volunteers

I was inspired by the volunteers that make this festival happen every year. Some of them have been with the festival for upwards of ten years and love seeing all of their volunteer family every year.

Musician and Music Lover

I want to especially thank the photo crew leaders: Dave Haggarty and Jake Morrison for their direction this year. Their hard work keeps a high level of photography and documentation of the festival.

For more information on the festival go to: