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Improve Your Image


Types of Portraiture

Having a professional portrait done of you can immeasurable increase one’s professional image through raised confidence in your business and brand. A pro photographer takes into consideration not only the person being photographed and emphasizing the physical and visual strengths but also the brand being represented. Is the company modern, innovative, game-changing or is it traditional, with years of experience, doing it successfully for decades?

These concepts can be communicated visually. When I approach a business portrait which will live on a company website, in print promotion and social media; I familiarize myself with the company and it’s brand. I photograph coverage for a few different looks: serious or determined, fun, happy, causal, formal. This is particularly useful for the performer, actor, etc. who may need to show versatility.

There are also a few photographic considerations and terminology that the client should be aware of so he/she is satisfied wit the final result.

Studio Portraits


This can be on a white, gray or coloured background. It can be a headshot which is generally a head and shoulders shot and useful in many ways: for a LinkedIn profile picture, on a website page about the staff of a company, etc. Then there is a more “lifestyle” studio shot which is either waist up or knee up which allows you to show off the outfit and have various poses which convey personality. Doing a full body shot with shoes showing definitely has a more fashion feel and I would recommend for a performer or entertainer but usually not in a commercial business approach.

Unless the client feels strongly about a certain coloured background I tend to recommend neutral backgrounds white, light gray or medium gray. I would not recommend a black background for a business look but it can be very effective for magazine photography when a dramatic look is desired.


Environmental Portrait


The environmental portrait is a very wide and exciting area of portraiture that lends itself to showing off one’s premises or business brand in a very unique way. The environment can be the area you operate in or it can be an environment that projects personality and vision (like an alleyway or wall with graffiti or an industrial site). A headshot is often done where the background is very out of focus to convey a feeling of an urban setting or rural setting without anything too recognizable.

A “lifestyle” ¾ shot or full body shot shows off the space as well as the person being photographed. The photograph can be vertical or horizontal.


Group Photograph


A group photograph is a posed photograph of a group of employees or executives or the whole office. It can be useful on websites or promotions if you want to emphasize that your business is a team activity. As in all portraiture, clothes and location are important to the overall message being conveyed so make sure to coordinate with the people being photographed.


The majority of business portraiture is in colour but black and white can be effective in some situations particularly for performers, musicians and actors.

Clothes, makeup, posing, colour palette and lighting can all vastly change the style of the photograph and message being conveyed. Communicate freely with your photographer to make sure there is a clear understanding on the message and brand so you are satisfied with the final product.

I love working with businesses to improve their image to their clientele!

Women of Influence – March 8, 2012

I can think of no better way to spend International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2012 than with Women of Influence.

A little about the organization Women of Influence:

“Women of Influence Inc. produces inspiring, progressive, and celebratory events across the country. Our programs serve to fill the gap for women looking for mentors, looking to connect with likeminded individuals on their path to success, or looking for unique corporate entertainment.”

The first event was a luncheon with approximately 900 women (and quite a few men) in attendance from a virtual cross-section of Canadian business, corporate and entrepreneurial fields in Toronto.

The host was Erin Davis, CHFI radio host, who lightheartedly moved the event along with funny anecdotes and valuable information. An important speaker was the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women, who spoke about the next generation of women leaders.

The keynote speaker was the accomplished interior design mogul and HGTV television personality, Sarah Richardson, who related her personal stories and experiential advice from her climb to the top. You can hear an excerpt of that talk at:

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The evening event was for Young Women of Influence held at OneKing West. The event topic was very apropos, money, and featured two authors who shared their knowledge of investment and money management. Alison Griffiths wrote the book Count on Yourself: Take Charge of Your Money and Angela Self co-wrote Smart Cookies: Making More Dough. The host was Melissa Leong, Arts & Life reporter at the National Post. It was an exciting evening filled with networking, an informative interview session and an insightful question and answer period.

Two great events made for one fun and educational day this International Women’s Day not to mention the great photos!

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Website Launch for Jamie Day Fleck Photography

I am proud to announce the launch of a new website for Jamie Day Fleck Photography! This website showcases a selection from my newest and most exciting work to date. The website has a simple interface and layout for ease of navigation and viewing pleasure. The website displays the photographs in all their glory (and all my modesty) so the viewer can easily find the work that interests him/her the most. I am particularly excited about the sections such as upcoming news which allow more information on the goings-on. I look forward to posting future work as it rolls out of the camera and onto the web as well as updates on events, happenings and shows. Please feel free to comment on the blog as I would love your feedback on the site and possible improvements for the future. Until then happy viewing!

Visit Jamie Day Fleck Photography

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New Blog!

Jamie Day Fleck Photography now as an official (and somewhat unofficial) blog. Welcome everyone!