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Trout Rainwear shoot

Trout-3954_retouchedflattenA little while back I had the opportunity to work with a recently launched Canadian fashion house, Trout Rainwear. I photographed the founders, sisters Ashley McDonald and Jenn Lancefield (née Mulvihill), and the head designer Sarah Hopgood, creating a few relaxed portraits.

Trout Rainwear wants to make people feel fashionable even when they are stuck in the pouring rain. Priding themselves on Canadian designs and manufacturing, the company looks to forward both fashion and functionality in their trendy rainwear that you could easily wear on a downtown street or out and about in cottage country.

“Rainwear should not only protect from the rain, but ought to be comfortable in any type of weather. These 100% waterproof jackets are breathable as well — rain or shine, Trout Rainwear takes on any day with conviction and charm.”



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Men’s Fashion in Desirable Mag

Men’s fashion has long been a sort of side passion of mine from portraiture. I find men’s fashion to allow for more character driven storyboards, models with unique and unconventional features as well as a flexibility with location due to not needing a team of stylists, make up artists, hair people and assistants to get a shoot done. Case in point was the shoot I did using the incredibly hip and stylish clothes from JacFlash (1036 Queen West).

After some time spent casting, I decided on a model with a unique style and interesting features. He delivered as far as internalizing my directions to create a shoot that was visually dynamic.

The shoot was picked up by Desirable magazine who was doing a feature on male models and was published in it’s June Issue.

I am not known for my studio photography but I felt the clothes and model were captivating enough without needing to add a strong background. And the minamilist gray (which I love) gave a good contrast in its simplicity, enhancing the contrast created by understated lighting against the styling and model’s look..

To purchase the magazine go to:

Stylist: Deborah Burton

Model: Sloan (Spot 6 Management)

Studio: PTSM Studios

Clothes: Various brands – provided by JacFlash

For more info visit:

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University of Toronto Schools’ Root Magazine

University of Toronto Schools(UTS) approached me to do a portrait and cover shoot of my grandfather (and UTS graduate, Class of ’49), Jim Fleck. Root is UTS’ alumni magazine and being that UTS is known for their students’ academic excellence and drive, their alumni includes an illustrious lot.

I was overjoyed with an assignment like that. I have unending respect for my grandfather’s achievements and multi-faceted career so this was a dream job for me. The first challenge was choosing the location. We decided on the Rotman School Business where he had long been a professor and decided to shoot in the Fleck Atrium which is a grand main space for a buzzing student body.

We decided to keep the shoot upbeat, bright and showing off his joie de vivre which is palpable to anyone that knows or even meets him. It was a great shoot and here is the end product for you to be the judge on.

For the full magazine:

For more info, go to: