Melissa and Kyle’s Wedding, Vaughan, Ontario



Melissa and Kyle somehow “found me on the internet” and since our very first meeting made it very clear that they wanted me and were excited about what I had to offer. We did the engagement shoot in the fall at a venue which was personal for them. I delivered the photos and their response was, “Your photography is impeccable! Thank you, we are so happy! We really appreciate all your hard work. The photos are wonderful, exactly what we wanted and we had so much faith in you!”

Then I photographed their wedding. It was a large Italian family on the bride’s side but it had a fairly relaxed personal feel throughout. I really enjoyed myself and felt part of the special day not just an outsider coming in to document it. After the wedding shoot they wrote me the most genuine and might I add jaw-dropping testimonial I have ever received. It is quite long so I cannot post it in its entirety but here is an excerpt: “Right until the very end of our working relationship she has proven herself to be far above the rest, both artistically and professionally. We have not stopped looking at our wedding photographs since they were delivered. Jamie Day Fleck has created a story for us, and each time we read our photographs we find something else that she wanted to remind us of. Her work is authentic, deep and communicative, and our photographs are candid and timeless. Jamie is a true artist.”

Thank you Melissa and Kyle, the pleasure was all mine. I am fairly certain I will not encounter another client quite like you two but I hope I do because it will make my life a lot more fun! 


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